List of products by brand TOMBOW (MONO Series)

Tombow - Round eraser with refillable eraser (MONO zero)
available upon order
Precision ultra-fine holder eraser with the ultimate in "pinpoint erasing" performance.
You can erase pinpoints precisely with light force.
Short Pitch Nock Mechanism: Each nock extends a mere 0.7mm, allowing for fine-tuning to the optimum level of eraser output.

Includes 2 refillable erasers (spare refillable erasers are also available HERE)
Tombow - Round eraser pad (MONO zero)
available upon order
Replacement erasers for the precision ultra-fine holder eraser "Mono Zero" round type, 2 pcs.
This is not the main unit (EH-KUR).
Tombow - pencil MONO100 12 pcs
available upon order
The highest quality pencil in the MONO series
The high-density structure with condensed ultra-fine particles provides a smooth, unbreakable, dark and clear handwriting. The lead, wooden shaft, and decorations are all top-of-the-line MONO series pencils.
A total of 17 hardnesses from 9H to 6B are available.

Hexagonal Shaft 12 pcs.
Tombow - Eraser 18 pieces MONO box
available upon order
Since its launch in 1969, "MONO Eraser" has been loved as an eraser that erases well.
The blue-and-white striped design and the word "MONO" have become a standard for erasers all over Japan.
Tombow - Automatic pencil (MONO graph zero 0.5mm)
available upon order
Equipped with precision ultra-fine mono eraser
Professional grade 0.5mm mechanical pencil

Replacement eraser: ER-MGU eraser for Monograph Zero
Lead diameter:0.5mm