Objects and items related to the Japanese beautiful culture : music, arts, etc.


Music Instruments

Japanese music instruments for practice or decoration.


Japanese art related items and products.

Elementary School

Products related to Japanese elementary schools

Takemitsu Swords (Wooden Katana)

Traditional wooden prop swords

> What is a TAKEMITSU sword?

Metal Sword Replicas

This category refers to the replicas of Katana called MOZOTO or MOGITO in Japanese (模造刀・模擬刀) which are composed of a metal blade (aluminum / duraluminum) that is not sharp and will not cut like a real sword (shinken 真剣). As a result there is no need for a permit for owning those katanas.

Kacchū & Menpō

Samurai armor parts replicas

Achilles - Uwabaki (indoor slippers)
available upon order
The uwabaki is the shoe that is worn by all the elementary school students in Japan inside the schools, and even by the teachers!The Achilles uwabaki is a high end version of the traditional uwabaki, which cheap versions are mostly made in China.> Adds thoughtfulness to conventional wows.
> Perfect fit.
> Designed for ease of movement.
> Anti-bacterial, deodorant and water repellent finish.
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Kyo Karakami Woodblock Stamp Kit by Maruni (Sayagata Design)
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Traditional woodblock stamp kit made in Kyoto by MARUNIPattern : SAYAGATA (紗綾型) Sayagata is a pattern of interlocking manji (卍) which is an ancient Buddhist symbol used in Buddhist cultures for  thousands of years. The symbol is said to have come to Japan around the 1500s, and is known to represent life and strength.
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Kyo Karakami Woodblock Stamp Kit by Maruni (Seigaiha Design)
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Traditional woodblock stamp kit made in Kyoto by MARUNIPattern : SEIGAIHA (青海波) Seigaiha literally means "blue ocean waves." This pattern has been used in Egypt, Persia, and around the world. In Japan, it is said that the name comes from Seigaiha, the title of an ancient Japanese court dance. In ancient times, it was used for auspicious events. It is considered a symbol of peace, good luck, and good fortune.
CARL - Pencil sharpener (Angel5 Premium3)
available upon order
Four individual colours to colour your desk.
The best pencil sharpener from a traditional office supply company that pursues functionality and durability.

SAIEN - Kaishi Iyo Washi (Maiko)
available upon order
Kaishi container and Kaishi set product
Kaishi made of Iyo Washi, a Japanese paper produced in Ehime Prefecture!
The softness when you hold it in your hand and the case is characterized by the beauty of the foil when you look at it!
KUTSUWA - Majikeshi (Magnet eraser)
available upon order
Ferrite (iron powder) filled erasers can collect eraser scraps with an integrated magnet.A new case type is now available to collect eraser scraps. Made in Japan, these erasers are functional and fun to use!
Tombow - Gift Pencil Set (Hello Nature)
available upon order
Hexagonal shaft, hardness 2B
12 pcs. (6 patterns x 2 pcs. each)
Made of certified forest wood
MONO eraser (1 piece)
Original sticker (1pc.)
Tombow - Round eraser with refillable eraser (MONO zero)
available upon order
Precision ultra-fine holder eraser with the ultimate in "pinpoint erasing" performance.
You can erase pinpoints precisely with light force.
Short Pitch Nock Mechanism: Each nock extends a mere 0.7mm, allowing for fine-tuning to the optimum level of eraser output.

Includes 2 refillable erasers (spare refillable erasers are also available HERE)