Japanese stationery (文房具, "bunbougu") items can be cute, fun, and original! 


Paper goods

Washi or kyo-yuzen, discover the Japanese paper tradition!


Stationery products related to manga drawing!

KOKUYO - needleless stapler (Harinacs press)
available upon order
A completely new stapler that fastens paper by crimping.
No needles are used, so there is no need for consumables. It can also be shredded as is.
Moreover, since no holes are made, documents submitted to the company can be finished up neatly and neatly.
SAIEN - Kaishi Iyo Washi (Maiko)
available upon order
Kaishi container and Kaishi set product
Kaishi made of Iyo Washi, a Japanese paper produced in Ehime Prefecture!
The softness when you hold it in your hand and the case is characterized by the beauty of the foil when you look at it!
MIDORI - Cardboard cutter
available upon order
The "Cardboard Cutter" can be used for a wide range of tasks from unpacking cardboard boxes to cutting single sheets of magazines and newspapers.
The cutter blade is made of rust-resistant and durable ceramic. It smoothly opens and closes 180 degrees, and its size and shape make it easy to grip when unfolded.
When not in use, the cutter can be closed in a round shape and stored in a bag or pocket, or attached to a strap for carrying.
The cardboard cutter is a sustainable cutter that can be used semi-permanently by using the "cardboard cutter replacement blade" (sold separately).
KOKUYO - needleless stapler (Harinacs)
available upon order
Bind paper without a needle.
Long-awaited 10-sheet binding! KOKUYO's unique binding mechanism enables 10-sheet binding with smooth operation.
Tombow - Gift Pencil Set (Hello Nature)
available upon order
Hexagonal shaft, hardness 2B
12 pcs. (6 patterns x 2 pcs. each)
Made of certified forest wood
MONO eraser (1 piece)
Original sticker (1pc.)
KUTSUWA - Pencil case (Air pita)
available upon order
・ Pen case with a suction disk at the bottom so that it can stand on a table
・ One-touch removal
・ It can hold a smartphone vertically or horizontally
・ Gamaguchi type opening for easy usey

KUTSUWA - Majikeshi (Magnet eraser)
available upon order
Ferrite (iron powder) filled erasers can collect eraser scraps with an integrated magnet.A new case type is now available to collect eraser scraps. Made in Japan, these erasers are functional and fun to use!