About us

Our company

MOTOMERU is managed by a small company which used to be a small Japanese supermarket in the suburbs of Kyoto since the 60s which specialized in hobby items for a decade.

Having an experience in sourcing and providing Japanese hobby items to customers worldwide we felt the need to push the limits of our spectrum to provide a wide range of products we do really appreciate. We stay specialized in delightful plastic & paper model kits which everyone can easily enjoy and also stationery goods as Japanese stationery makers are flourishing. We will also propose cosmetics and other products we are selecting.

Motomeru's naming

What is the meaning of "motomeru"?

MOTOMERU is a Japanese verb that has the meaning of "purchasing", "seeking", "wishing for", "pursuing" or simply "wanting".
We wish you can find things on our webstore that you may "motomeru" too!

Our team

Our staff is a small international team composed of Japanese nationals and foreigners that are looking for the best products that would suit your likings. We consider our store like a "select shop" in which we display only items and products that we usually consume or use.