Achilles - Uwabaki (indoor slippers)
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Achilles - Uwabaki (indoor slippers)

The uwabaki is the shoe that is worn by all the elementary school students in Japan inside the schools, and even by the teachers!

The Achilles uwabaki is a high end version of the traditional uwabaki, which cheap versions are mostly made in China.

> Adds thoughtfulness to conventional wows.

> Perfect fit.

> Designed for ease of movement.

> Anti-bacterial, deodorant and water repellent finish.

  • 14cm
  • 14.5cm
  • 15cm
  • 15.5cm
  • 16cm
  • 16.5cm
  • 17cm
  • 17.5cm
  • 18cm
  • 18.5cm
  • 19cm
  • 19.5cm
  • 20cm
  • 20.5cm
  • 21cm
  • 21.5cm
  • 22cm
  • 22.5cm
  • 23cm
  • 23.5cm
  • 24cm
  • 24.5cm
  • 25cm
  • 25.5cm
  • 26cm
  • 26.5cm
  • 27cm
  • 28cm
  • 29cm
  • 30cm


¥2,500 Tax excluded

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Uwabaki are footwear used to change shoes in places where shoes are not allowed to be worn on the ground.

In Japan, schools, offices, gymnasiums, etc. often prohibit the use of sandals, so special shoes are used.

Size 14.0~30.0cm

Half sizes available from 14.0cm to 26.5cm

Upper Cotton

Sole PVC

Features Antibacterial, deodorant, water and oil repellency

Country of origin
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