Elementary School

Products related to Japanese elementary schools

Achilles - Uwabaki (indoor slippers)
available upon order
The uwabaki is the shoe that is worn by all the elementary school students in Japan inside the schools, and even by the teachers!The Achilles uwabaki is a high end version of the traditional uwabaki, which cheap versions are mostly made in China.> Adds thoughtfulness to conventional wows.
> Perfect fit.
> Designed for ease of movement.
> Anti-bacterial, deodorant and water repellent finish.
CARL - Pencil sharpener (Angel5 Premium3)
available upon order
Four individual colours to colour your desk.
The best pencil sharpener from a traditional office supply company that pursues functionality and durability.

KUTSUWA - Majikeshi (Magnet eraser)
available upon order
Ferrite (iron powder) filled erasers can collect eraser scraps with an integrated magnet.A new case type is now available to collect eraser scraps. Made in Japan, these erasers are functional and fun to use!
Tombow - Gift Pencil Set (Hello Nature)
available upon order
Hexagonal shaft, hardness 2B
12 pcs. (6 patterns x 2 pcs. each)
Made of certified forest wood
MONO eraser (1 piece)
Original sticker (1pc.)
Tombow - Round eraser with refillable eraser (MONO zero)
available upon order
Precision ultra-fine holder eraser with the ultimate in "pinpoint erasing" performance.
You can erase pinpoints precisely with light force.
Short Pitch Nock Mechanism: Each nock extends a mere 0.7mm, allowing for fine-tuning to the optimum level of eraser output.

Includes 2 refillable erasers (spare refillable erasers are also available HERE)
Tombow - Round eraser pad (MONO zero)
available upon order
Replacement erasers for the precision ultra-fine holder eraser "Mono Zero" round type, 2 pcs.
This is not the main unit (EH-KUR).
KUTSUWA - Pencil case (Air pita)
available upon order
・ Pen case with a suction disk at the bottom so that it can stand on a table
・ One-touch removal
・ It can hold a smartphone vertically or horizontally
・ Gamaguchi type opening for easy usey