Ōmi Suki Abura Sumo Hair Wax by Shimada Shōten
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Ōmi Suki Abura Sumo Hair Wax by Shimada Shōten


Try the original hair wax the Sumo wrestlers use for making their topknots!


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Did you know the Japanese sumo wrestlers have a very particular sweet smell?

The hair wax (oil based) that is used to make their recognizable hairstyle has a pungent sweet smell. It is known as bintsuke abura (oily wax).

It is applied daily by a specialist sumo hairdresser called tokoyama, or by the sumo wrestlers themselves for the lower ranks.

The oily wax is used to set or reset the wrestler’s topknot after morning training. That topknot ("mage") is probably the most recognizable element of sumo wrestlers' style.

Nowadays the bintsuke hair wax is made by the Shimada family in the Edogawa Ward of Tokyo, who remains the only company making the wax that is used by all the sumo wrestlers all over Japan.

Versions with no scent and different hardness are also made by the Shimada family for Japanese traditional wigs used in theatrical arts such as kabuki. Even though the sumo wrestlers are "heavy" users of the unique and only one OMI SUKI ABURA.

The wax comes in small blocks of 70 grams each. You can mold them to fit in a box or a glass container if needed.

The wax is oily and holds very well. Although it does not harden. It gathers all the hair together and gives a shiny oily look to your hair.

◆ Content weight : appr. 70g

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